Filter Cleaning?

If you are like many pool owners you may not understand why it is important to clean your filters regularly. Regular filter cleanings can actually pay for themselves over time. It essential to keeping clean and clear water and will help dramatically with efficiency. The dirtier your filter the harder your pump has to work and the more electricity is needed to move the same amount of water. The harder your pump is working the shorter life span of the pump.

How often should you clean a filter?

D.E (4-6 months)

The average D.E filter needs to be disassembled and cleaned two to three times a year and back washed monthly. Backwashing regularly is important and does help to remove some debris. Not all debris is removed during this process and disassembly is required when pressure rises 8-10 psi above the base line. If properly maintained and cleaned regularly this process will keep your pool and its equipment in prime condition.

Cartridge Filters (2-3 months)

A cartridge filter is not able to be backwashed so it collects all the debris from the period of time between cleanings. It is for this reason that we need to clean them regularly. Pressure rises in the tank as the filter gets clogged with debris. When pressure rises 8-10 psi above base line it is time to clean the filter.

Sand (3-5years, replace sand)

A sand filter is cleaned though the backwashing process. They sould be backwashed every week or two. Backwashing a sand filter is so effective at removing debris that we only need to replace the sand every 3-5 years.

How to clean a filter? (D.E. and Cartridge)

Turn Pump off, release pressure valve and drain. Disassemble and Clean.

When cleaning a filter it is important to remember to use a degreaser first. The most common mistake made when cleaning a filter is just hosing it off and washing or soaking in Acid Wash mix. If your filters have oils on them and you add acid they will lock up with a waxy like film. Always, always, always, degrease first and then wash with a muriatic acid and water mix or you will be buying new filters.

Once filters are clean, reassemble and lube O-rings. Step away and turn pump on until water is coming out of the pressure release valve. Turn pump off, close valve and your done.